Plant pathogens

Microorganisms which are capable of causing diseases in plants.

Plant pathogens are not considered as dangerous goods.

A triple packaging comparable to the packaging required for human and animal pathogens (Biological substances, Category B) is recommended.

  • leak-proof (for liquids, powders) primary receptacle(s)
  • leak-proof (for liquids, powders) secondary packaging
    • for liquids: absorbent material between primary receptacle and secondary packaging to fully absorb liquid in case of leak or breakage
    • when multiple fragile primary receptacles are placed in a single secondary packaging, they are either individually wrapped or separated to prevent contact between them
  • outer packaging

  • Name and address of consigner and consignee
  • If solid carbon dioxide is used: ‘Carbon dioxide, solid’, as coolant

 Additionally air transport:

  • Phone number of responsible person recommended
  • If solid carbon dioxide is used: ‘Carbon dioxide, solid’ as coolant, UN 1845, net quantity, class 9 hazard label

  • Delivery note with itemized list of contents recommended
  • Required permits

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Last edition: 19.12.2023