Recommendation of the SECB on structural-technical safety measures in BSL-3 laboratories, May 2022


This recommendation sets out the requirements for selected structural-technical safety measures in research and diagnostic laboratories that carry out class 3 activities with microorganisms. It is a non-legally binding aid aimed at persons who plan, build, use, assess and inspect such safety measures, such as planning and architectural firms, building owners, plant and laboratory managers, and persons responsible for biosafety in laboratories and with the authorities.

The introductory sections define the most important terms and describe the legal basis, standards and regulations. Section 4 explains which safety measures are considered and how they are defined. Section 5 forms the central part of the recommendation, describing the selected safety measures in detail. Sections 6 and 7 provide information on what the various target groups should be aware of and Section 8 gives advice on maintaining the safety measures in question.

Empfehlung der EFBS zu baulich-technischen Sicherheitsmassnahmen in BSL3-Laboratorien, Mai 2022

Unfortunately, the recommendation currently only exists in German. Translations into French and Italian and / or possibly English are under discussion,  but will be delayed. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Please contact us if in the meantime you would already like to have information in one of these languages.

This and other recommendations are available on the following website: Empfehlungen der EFBS zu sicherheitsrelevanten Fragestellungen im Bereich der Gen- und Biotechnologie



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Last edition: 27.04.2021